Rules and Regulations

1. Miss Gay USofA Newcomer contestants must be born male. Contestants must be 21 years old by the National Pageant. All contestants should be prepared to present a valid, non-expired State issued ID at registration. Contestants may not compete until identification is presented.

2. Contestants may not have won a State or Regional title or have been a National Finalist in any Miss Gay USofA National Pageant or any of the major franchised National Pageants including, America, Continental, Entertainer of the Year, MBU, Miss Black America and All American Goddess.

3. Contestants may not have appeared on a drag based reality television series.

4. Contestants may not enter Miss Gay USofA Newcomer following their third anniversary of their first entry to the Miss Gay USofA Newcomer system.

5. Judging for preliminaries will be on a total points accumulated system. Final night will be scored using the standard USofA comparative scoring system. Ties will be broken by the contestant with the highest talent score.

6. Contestants will be judges in the following categories:

  • Personal Interview
  • Talent
  • Evening Gown/Fashion

7. Talent presentations will be limited to seven (7) minutes. Prop setup and knock down time will be limited to five (5) minutes total. Talent presentation will be timed at rehearsals. Presentations over seven (7) minutes will have administrative points deducted. 

8. Any type of talent presentation is acceptable accept those which may cause injury to the audience or any other person. No glitter, fire or water may be used in any talent presentation. No live animals or reptiles may be used in a talent presentation.  At most prelims and pageants, music may be submitted either on CD or Flash Drive.  If a CD is used, be sure the talent mix is burned as track #1 and a crowning song is burned as track #2.  No additional music should be on the CD and no commercial CD's with multiple tracks will be accepted.  If a Flash Drive is used, audio files must be in MP3 format and video files must be in MP4 format.  Files must be labeled as "Contestant's Name, Talent" and "Contestant's Name, Crowning Song".  Be sure to check with the event Promoter to determine if the venue requires music be submitted using a specific format.

9. The use of or dispensing of illegal drugs or marijuana will not be tolerated while a contestant is participating in the Miss Gay USofA Newcomer Pageant. Immediate disqualification will result for those that break this rule.

10. Any contestant that is not in the appointed place at the appointed time will lose administrative points.

11. Any contestant, contestant’s dancer(s), helper(s), etc. who is caught in the act of stealing or tampering with any other persons possessions will be immediately removed from the location of the pageant without no refund of entry fee o.

12. USofA Pageants LLC does not discriminate against entertainers with silicone and/or hormones. The use of silicone and/or hormones will not be considered by any judge in the scoring of a contestant. Nudity and pasties will not be allowed by anyone (contestant, dancers, former titleholder, entertainment, etc.) in any portion of any preliminary or final night competition. 

13. USofA Pageants LLC reserves the right to make any decision concerning any matter not covered by these rules and regulations.

14. Miss Gay USofA Newcomer will be required to sign a contract with USofA Pageants LLC before any prize money is paid. Failure to sign the contract will mean forfeiture of the title.

15. Any contestant in the top five (5) not staying on stage for the entire crowning and pictures will forfeit their placement and prize money.

16. Within seven (7) days of winning the pageant, Miss Gay USofA Newcomer must have and maintain an e-mail address and cell phone for the entire length of the reign.

17. Any contestant who has qualified to attend the Miss Gay USofA Newcomer Pageant and fails to attend may not compete in ANY USofA Pageants preliminary until they have paid back all prizes, paid a $250 fine to the National Promoter and waited at least one (1) year.